How to Pair on Firestick

All of the Kodi users watch TV shows and movies on Kodi using various movies add-ons. error is the most common pair error for them. Because of this error, whenever you watch a movie on your Kodi add-on, you would get an error notification saying “to play this video stream authorization is required. In order to get rid of this problem, you have to find a solution of it.

Thankfully there are three methods available to solve this error. The first one is Direct Authorization, second is Disabling hosters and Captchas and the last is configuring URL Resolver. All these methods are used to resolve the streaming errors. But these methods only work with other devices rather than Firestick.

In firestick, you cannot directly use any of these methods to pair it with This is because all these methods require you to visit a particular website and firestick doesn’t have a browser. Using in firestick can be little difficult but there is one solution for this problem.

So, all the firestick users who want to use on firestick, follow the instructions below to pair it with

How to pair Firestick with

If you want to pair firestick with, keep in mind that you cannot pair firestick directly with as there is no browser installed in the firestick so you cannot open the website from where you can pair in firestick.

Now when you don’t have a browser in Firestick, you can use any other device like PC or Android phone. You must be thinking how it is possible to pair firestick with with the help of any other device.

Well,  that is possible and this is the only way to pair. What you have to do is connect your Android phone or PC with the same IP address as of your Firestick. Now, after connecting with the same IP, open the browser on your phone or PC and visit the website There they will ask you to solve a captcha. After solving the captcha, click on activate streaming. That’s it. Now your firestick and all other devices that are connected with same IP address as of firestick, are paired with You are all set to watch your favorite videos on firestick and you will not get any error message now on your Kodi firestick TV.

The main thing is, here the pairing work is based on giving the access to one particular IP address. And, It doesn’t matter what kind of device you are using. Once your IP address is whitelisted by all the devices connected to the same IP address will automatically have the access to the streaming.

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