Cure Wound 5e: The Magical Spell

In the magic fantasy gaming world, the magic appears in the form of different spell. There are some rules for the interpolating spells. The different character has their unique process of preparing spells and monsters have some special ways to prepare spells. The cure wounds 5e spell can use for different occasions and each spell can be upgraded later. It is obvious to select spell as per your gaming strategy.

Definition of Cure Wound 5e Spell:-

The spell is a magical energy, with a single form of it can suffuse the multiverse into a specific and limited expression. In casting a spell, the maker used the invisible formula of Raw magic over the world, pins them with a particular pattern, prepare them in a proper way and them discharge them to let off the desired effects. The spell would be used as Versatile tools, Weapons, and protective wards. Spells can also deal with damage or undo the damage, impose or remove conditions including drain the life energy away, and restore the life to the dead character.

Levels of Spell:-

Each spell has a level from 0 to 9. These levels show the power of each spell. A higher-level spellcaster must be used as a high-level spell. It does not correspond with the level of character and spells. A character has upgraded to level 17 to cast the 9th level of a spell. Therefore, a 9th level character cannot cast the spell of level 9. The magic-missile spell at level 1 and the earth-shaking wish spell at level 9.

Preparation of Spells:-

A spellcaster must know the spell firmly in mind, and the character can access to the spell in a magic item before using a spell. Associate of some class, such as bards and sorcerers have a limited list of spells, which are fixed in their mind. Other spellcasters, including a wizard, and clerics, pass through a process of casting a spell.  That procedure varies to variant classes. A spellcaster has fixed the number of spells in their mind at any given time, but that is depending upon the level of the caster.

Here the details about one of the powerful spell called Cure Wounds.

Cure Wounds D&D 5th Editon

Cure wound spell is a wave of healing energy spell. This spell washes out from a particular point that you select within the range. You can select maximum 6 creatures in a 30-foot radius sphere centered on that point. Every target can recover up to 3d8+ of hit points of your spellcaster modifier. This spell cannot work on any Undead or any constructs. In the higher level of this spell, when you cast it using a spell slot of level 6 or higher, the healing power increases by 1d8 for each slot. This will happen only above of 5th level.

  • Attributes:-
  1. Name:-                              Cure Wound
  2. Add Casting Modifier:-  Yes
  3. Casting Time:-                 1 action
  4. Classes:-                           Bard, Cleric, Druid
  5. Components: –                 V S
  6. Healing:-                           3d8
  7. Duration:-                         Instantaneous
  8. Higher Spell Slot Dice:-     1
  9. Higher Spell Slot Die:-      d8
  10. Level:-                                   5
  11. Range                                   60 feet
  12. School:-                                Evocation
  13. Target:-                                A point of your choice within range

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